good flower
— branding
& packaging design

I’m a brainchild creative based in the Bay Area, originally from Philadelphia, PA.

By brainchild creative, I mean I’m a designer, illustrator, animator, art director and fine artist.

I’m part of the Trekell Supply Company Artist Pro Team.  My work has been featured in galleries nationwide, and has received recognition internationally.

Previously, I was the Creative Designer for the Wavely App and led the design team at Seven20.

finding a style

The brand I was designing for is a naturally effervescent tea company called Good Flower. We wanted the branding to bring you back to a feeling of drinking iced tea out of a carafe in the summer. I looked to 70's interior design, flowers, and linework for inspiration and put together a moodboard. I like to see what else is out there for packaging design, so I picked a few of my favorites.

phase 1 - sketching and exploring

I got to work drawing and exploring ideas. I kept coming back to the idea of retro flowers and smiley faces. I also liked the idea of playing with the symmetry of fruit and flowers.

phase 2 - rendering and refining

The next phase was to begin bringing this brand to life. After dialing in the typography, I created a color scheme off my mood boards. I found a font that paired well with my handwritten type. Next, I created all the symbols and illustrations that would be used for branding and the packaging design and put them into a design system for later publishing.

the execution