original grain
the whiskey collection
— art direction
& digital design

I’m a brainchild creative based in the Bay Area, originally from Philadelphia, PA.

By brainchild creative, I mean I’m a designer, illustrator, animator, art director and fine artist.

I’m part of the Trekell Supply Company Artist Pro Team.  My work has been featured in galleries nationwide, and has received recognition internationally.

Previously, I was the Creative Designer for the Wavely App and led the design team at Seven20.

the story

It starts in Kentucky with genuine American White Oak. These majestic trees yield beautiful wood that gets inspected, air seasoned, treated, sanded, and cut to precision. Nearly a year later they are ready to be made into barrels.

Natural weather variations allow the whiskey to seep into the barrels. This process gives each timepiece it’s own unique characteristics as original and distinct as the barrel it came from. Just as no two barrels are the same, such is the same for our watches.

the strategy

Original Grain is a brand that follows a sustainable approach to marketing. Inspired by wood and steel, this collection is made from reclaimed wood - wood with a story - that redefines what one should expect from a watch.

The brand is between cool and classic. This collection is the perfect match for a person who considers themselves a connoisseur of spirits.

We put a lot of emphasis on the backstory and the craft. We aimed to do more than show whiskey barrels by really creating an ambience to make it feel like you were in the factory helping to create these watches.

the execution