— art direction
& digital design

I’m a brainchild creative based in the Bay Area, originally from Philadelphia, PA.

By brainchild creative, I mean I’m a designer, illustrator, animator, art director and fine artist.

I’m part of the Trekell Supply Company Artist Pro Team.  My work has been featured in galleries nationwide, and has received recognition internationally.

Previously, I was the Creative Designer for the Wavely App and led the design team at Seven20.

the story

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is a cult classic. The stop-motion's vibrant inner world is filled with magic and wonder, where every holiday has it's own special land. No matter what time of year it is, this film straddles the line between spooky season and holiday festivities.

The brand maintains it's popularity even after three-decades. But how do you take a heritage brand and give it life in the modern world? Simple, you stay true to the characters and evolve their quirks by telling their story in a different voice.

the strategy

We aimed to stay fashionable with the patchwork and floral trends. We wanted to hit all markets, including gender-neutral everyday and dinnerware for a special occasion.

For the Patched-Up Collection, we broke down Sally's iconic dress. We used imagery and symbols that every NBC fan knows, and tied it all together (literally) with the stitching patterns that the majority of the cast fashions.

For the Black Rose Collection, we knew black dinnerware was trending, so we kept it simple with Jack and Sally poses and silhouettes paired with roses.

the execution