— art direction
& digital design

I’m a brainchild creative based in the Bay Area, originally from Philadelphia, PA.

By brainchild creative, I mean I’m a designer, illustrator, animator, art director and fine artist.

I’m part of the Trekell Supply Company Artist Pro Team.  My work has been featured in galleries nationwide, and has received recognition internationally.

Previously, I was the Creative Designer for the Wavely App and led the design team at Seven20.

the analysis

Before I joined the team, the app was struggling with B2B conversions.  Our team decided to sit down and analyze the data and find out what was going on.

Firstly, we knew we had to create a compelling subtitle and screenshots for the App Store and Google Play.  The subtitle being used previously sounded like a dating app and not at all like a job-board app. Our subtitle went from "Match. Chat. Hired." to "Hire and Get Hired".

the strategy

Testing content was essential:  We began to run 8 campaigns per week, half B2C and the other half B2B.  In each campaign, we had 4 variations to test.

Beyond Mobile:  Most of our ads were targeted for mobile users, but in order to obtain B2B conversions, we needed to optimize content for desktop. We started to run weekly campaigns that ran across our site, email, and social channels.

Well Rounded Targeting: By targeting blue collar audiences, we were able to reach specific goals each week.

the execution